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77 Buckley Grove Moolap, VIC 3224 Australia

Phone: +61 3 5248 0155

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Welcome to Ngtech Pty Ltd

We are an Australian company, located in Geelong, Victoria. We use well established formulas and a Unique patented Technology to produce products for the Agriculture, Husbandry, Pet, Pharmaceutical and Industrial segments. Our advanced technology is also used to support our contract milling services and product development.

Our business is expanding and we are now looking for distributors. To learn more about the distribution, contact us.

We are committed to taking an active role in the improvement of human and animal health as well as to contribute to preservation of the environment.
We are globally recognized within the Agricultural Industry as a provider of innovate products and solutions that significantly contribute to sustainability.
Our values and philosophy is to always treat Customers, Distributors, Vendors and other interfacing individuals and companies in a professional manner that reflects one of a partnership with focus on environmental awareness.
The Owners and Management have a combined 100 plus years experience in management, manufacturing, agriculture, supply chain management, large infrastructure development, project management, technology operations, marketing, financing, strategy and distribution. The team has commercialized successful businesses, managed and re-engineered large corporations and have collectively an impressive history of significant revenue and profit creation.

Meet Our Team

Ake EnellChairman
Experienced entreprenuer and manager with more than 40 years of international service experience.
Sten LindebergManaging Director
Entrepreneur and manager with 25 plus years of business experience. He has a strong track record of success in manufacturing, agriculture, supply chain management, project fulfillment/consulting in leading Financial, Telecommunications, and Governmental organisations.  Expert knowledge of NGTECHs product line and services with vast experience covering product, manufacturing, application programs, milling services, sales and marketing.
Lars EnellOperations manager
Experienced manager with 25 years of business experience within manufacturing, agriculture, supply chain management, Telecom & IT industry, specialized in Project Management/ Leadership. He has owned and managed a vineyard, with a premium quality Cabernet Sauvignon crop. Located in the Yarra Valley, Victoria Australia.