Herbagreen – Natural mineral nutrition

Herbagreen, a plant nutrition, 100% natural product made of activated micronized natural calcite. Herbagreen is an efficient photosynthetic activator; it reduces water needs, and acts as a strengthening agent and a natural plant vaccination. Herbagreen improves quality and yield of cultivations, while the environment is always respected. Read more about Herbagreen…

VitaFlora – Liquid fertilizer and soil conditioner

Developed through 20 years of scientific research development, including seven years of clinical and field trials. It is a perfectly balanced fertilizer and it contains ALL essential elements. VitaFlora has the highest possible concentration of nutrients in a complex molecular structure. The product is the first in the World which contains Calcium (Ca). Read more about VitaFlora…

Clover. Trial with Herbagreen and VitaFlora. Katamatite, Victoria.
Exclusive Winery. Lethbridge Winery have been using Herbagreen and VitaFlora for the past four years. 

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