Members from the WVVA are happy with Vitaflora

In November 2014, Ngtech Pty Ltd became a member and a sponsor for the WVVA association. Around 45 farmers attented during the meeting and presentation of Ngtech’s fertilisers. 10 of the farmers decided to try the products and it has shown great results!

One of the farmers has 5 ha land outside of Lara, Victoria. The farmer grows and sells mostly cucumber, but also Eggplant, Zucchini, and tomatoes.

Vitaflora has show great success on all plants, especially on the cucumbers.

– The cucumber and it’s leaves are darker

– the yield has improved

– a stronger resistance towards diseases

The farmer in Lara is now opening his own store on the property where he can sell his vegetables.

Are you a member of the WVVA and would like to try our products? We have a special offer for the members of the WVVA.

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