Vineyard trial 2012 – 2013. Victoria, Australia.

Lethbridge Winery, an organic wine producer with exclusive wine, wine is predominantly sold in boutique wine shops and restaurants etc.


  • Season 2012-2013 was a terrible season for the vineyards in the region (70 producers)
  • Extreme weather conditions with combined disease attacks spoiled more or less all grape production in the area
  • Herbagreen was used at the Lethbridge Winery during this season


  • The Lethbridge Winery was one of the few vineyards that did not experience disease during the vegetation period.

Customers feedback

  • Due to the good results of the trial, Lethbridge Winery has decided to continue using Herbagreen and VitaFlora.

We recently visited Lethbrigde Winery.