Avia Produce, Torquay. Australia

The tomato company have been using Vitaflora for over 5 years and are very satisfied with the product.

Vitaflora gives that extra boost that the tomato plants need, according to Evan, one of the owners of the farm. It is because of Vitaflora the plants roots are stronger, the leaves have a greener colour and the plants have a stronger resistance against insect attacks. The farm has over 30 000 plants and sell all over Australia. The farm is constantly doing trials with new tomato plants and use Vitaflora specifically to strengthen the plants. The farm uses 1 liter of Vitaflora and mix it with 400 liters of water. Vitaflora is an efficient liquid fertiliser when wanting to help the plants with extra nutrients without damanging the plants or the soil.

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