Herbagreen, a natural mineral agent for plant growth improvement and optimization.

The basic ingredient of Herbagreen is a natural sediment rock mineral of maritime origin, a bituminous calcite. The product Herbagreen is created by combining the natural mineral material with the applied state-of-the-art technology. In the processing, the mineral material goes through the patented technological process which significantly increases it’s energy status and bio-availability.

Herbagreen is an environment-friendly concept which can contribute to ecological treatment in agriculture.

Use of Herbagreen

  • shortens the ripening time (up to 30%!)
  • increases the content of dry matter in fruit and produce, resulting in a better crop quality,
  • increases and optimizes fertility
  • preserves and cleans underground waters,
  • improves the resistance of plants to diseases and pests,
  • revitalizes the soil, no additional fertilizers are necessary
  • decreases the plant’s need for water

Trial of Herbagreen

  • increase of dry matter content
  • reduction of the water needs
  • preventive effect against fungal diseases and attacks of certain insects
The trials have shown that Herbagreen should be mixed with water in amount of 0,3 – 0,5%, and sprayed on plants in the form of a colloid solution every 10-14 days during the entire vegetation period. The best results are yielded on wine grapes, fruit and vegetables, but it is applicable on all field crops and most plants. The development of organoleptic qualities has also been noted, as well as longer conservation ability, due to the strengthening of the fruits skin, as a result of increased calcium supply.


General use and Instructions of Herbagreen

It is important to spray Herbagreen in the form of a fine fog, so that it can easily penetrate the leafs. The best time for spraying is morning, at temperatures ranging between 8 and 20C, and hygrometry > 60%.

Equipment The calculation of the nozzle outflow is given by the following formula

O=(QxLxV)/600 O = outflow L = active width of the nozzle V = speed 

Nozzle size: ranges from 150μm to 300μm, under the pressure of 3 to 4 bar. Number of treatments/applications depends on environment and actual situation, recommended dosage of 3 to 5 times could be increased up to 8 times if actual condition so require.

  •  Can be used with any commercially available pump/air-pressure spray system or common agricultural spray system.
  • Mix the corresponding dose of HERBAGREEN with water (according to the specifications of the individual plant types) and afterwards shake or stir it vigorously. Pump/air-pressure spray systems for agricultural use are usually equipped with an integrated swirl mechanism.
  • Can also be applied onto the plants in greenhouses via spraying systems. In the case of a daily application the concentration of suspension is reduced to a 0.1% solution.
  • Preferably applied in the evening, in order to benefit from the high air humidity and dew formation during the night, resulting in a better absorption.
  • A leaf manure and can already be applied as such from the second – third foliation.

Additional Guidelines

  • HERBAGREEN is appropriate for all types of plants.
  • Do not mix HERBAGREEN with plant protection products such as pesticides and herbicides!
  •  HERBAGREEN should not be applied during rain weather in open land.
  • When mixing HERBAGREEN leaf manure with splash water, the formation of dust should preferably be avoided, and if necessary, a respirator mask should be worn.

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