Vitaflora is a perfectly balanced liquid fertilizer and soil conditioner.

Vitaflora contains all 13 essentials macro and micro nutrients, including Calcium in a complex molecular structure. The molecular structure reduces the leaching losses which makes Vitaflora Environmental Friendly. Vitaflora shortens the vegetation period and Increases plant yield, fertilizes and conditions the soil in one application and it’s easy to use.

One of the unique features of Vitaflora, is that it balances the pH of water it’s being applied with and makes all of the nutrients readily available to the plants.

We are proud to manufacture, distribute and Sell Vitaflora in Australia, South, Central and North America, Asia and Africa.

We are continuously looking for new markets. Would you like to learn more about Vitaflora or do you have questions about the distribution process?

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A successful trial on Zucchini in Werribee

Delivering Vitaflora to Boomaroo Nursery

ASD have been doing a trial on their strawberries.