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Strong effect repeatedly proven!  HERBAGREEN is a natural mineral agent for plant growth improvement and optimization, made by combining the natural mineral material with the applied state-of-the-art technology. The basic ingredient of HERBAGREEN is a natural sediment rock mineral of maritime origin, a bituminous calcite.

In the processing, the mineral material goes through the patented technological process based on the newly developed state-of-the-art technology called the "Tribomechanical Activation Process (TMA)". The particles micronized with the TMA process have a significantly increased energy status and bioavailability.

The use of HERBAGREEN:
- shortens the ripening time (up to 30%!)
- increases the content of dry matter in fruit and produce, resulting in a better crop quality,
- increases and optimizes fertility,
- improves the resistance of plants to diseases and pests,
- revitalizes the soil, because no fertilizers are necessary,
- preserves and cleans underground waters,
- decreases the plant's need for water

The trials have shown that HERBAGREEN should be mixed with water in amount of 0,3 - 0,5%, and sprayed on plants in the form of a colloid solution
every 10-14 days during the entire vegetation period. The best results are yielded on wine grapes, fruit and vegetables, but it is applicable on all field crops and most plants.

Trials have shown the strong efficiency of HERBAGREEN, characterised predominantly by:
- increase of dry matter content
- reduction of the water needs
- preventive effect against fungal diseases and attacks of certain insects.

The development of organoleptic qualities has also been noted, as well as longer conservation ability, due to the strengthening of the fruits skin, as a result of increased calcium supply.

Herbagreen is an environment-friendly concept which can contribute to ecological treatment in agriculture.

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HERBAGREEN BASIC                                                                                  Represents a basic product of the line.
It consists from Calcite micro particles. It acts on the plant reinforcement and on the activation of the primary and secondary metabolisms.
This is new, tested and approved derivation of HERBAGREEN®.
It's made from Calcite micro particles with addition of Zeolite minerals and Spirulina algae which have a lot of chlorophyll.
Represents a combination of calcite micro particles and zeolite mi-nerals with addition of dried Stinging Nettle extract (Urticaceae).
The aim of this mixture is increasing of vegetal immunity to pest attack and fungal disease, therefore reducing the need of pesticides.

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